This section will connect you with all of the programs that would be of interest to those families with children age Birth – 10 years of age. The links will take you to the sites with information that may support families, grandparents or others for services or to find out answers to questions. If you do not find what you are looking for – go to the Question & Answer Section under Popular Pages and ask a question – your question will appear in the answer section and your question will be confidential.


Information on what to do after a flood

The International Travel Program assists those who plan to travel outside of the United States.  This informational program helps travelers to obtain appropriate vaccinations, provides information on current health and medical concerns or outbreaks associated with the country they plan to visit and offers guidance and tips for health protection.  The information provided through the International Travel Program also provides other helpful travel tips such as expected weather, currency, and pertinent information about the destination country.

This program is in place to protect every individual consuming food in Ford and Iroquois counties from food borne illness by enforcing the Ford County and Iroquois County Food Service Ordinances as well as the Illinois Department of Public Health Food Services Sanitation Code. This is achieved through inspections of such establishments throughout the year.

4 The Health of It” is a six-week program sponsored by FIPHD and WGFA Radio and encourages physical activity, healthy eating and healthy moments to celebrate wellness. Formally called Employee Health & Fitness Month, “4 The Health of It” was developed to include all persons living in the WGFA Radio listening area.  The project promotes self responsibility and helps people become more aware that physical activity, healthy moments, and healthy eating habits are behaviors, that when adopted, allow for a healthier status. Besides physical activity and nutritious eating, individuals are also rewarded for engaging in healthy moments that would include among others: dental check-ups, depression screenings, mammograms, pap tests/pelvic exams, blood work, annual eye exams, prostate exams, colon cancer screenings, diabetes screenings, preventative vaccinations, tobacco cessation activities, and annual physician well-visits. There is no age limit and groups are welcome.  Prizes for the top individuals and groups will serve as a competitive edge for motivation.  The main concept of the program is to GET UP AND MOVE!!!  EAT RIGHT AND HAVE FUN!!!

If you are interested in becoming a Participant – call (815) 432-2483 and ask for Ellen.

If you are interested in becoming an Award Sponsor your logo or business badge will be placed on the marketing brochure, all public communications (including weekly radio announcements) and the participant forms.  Call (815) 432-2483 and ask to speak with Ellen, “4 The Health of It” Program Coordinator or you can email her at

Do it for yourself………do it “4 The Health of It!”

A link to this site has also been made available on WGFA Radio's website.




  • pregnancy testing
  • applications for the State Health Insurance
  • developmental screenings
  • loan of car seats when available and education on proper use of car seats

The Women, Infants and Children (W.I.C.) Program is a supplemental food program designed to insure that pregnant or nursing women, infants and children up to age five are supplied with food products and education which will contribute to a healthy and nutritional diet.

To qualify for W.I.C. a woman, infant or child must:

  • live in Ford or Iroquois county

  • meet the W.I.C. income guidelines

  • have a nutritional/health need

FIPHD is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


It is very important to detect lead poisoning early in children to prevent conditions such as brain damage, mental retardation, blindness, muscle weakness or even death. The only sure way to detect lead poisoning it to have your child tested. Call the health department office to schedule an appointment.

The Healthy Families Illinois (HFI) Program assesses a family's strengths and provides support toward the enhancement of positive parent/child interaction and development. To qualify for HFI a family must:

  • live in Ford or Iroquois county
  • be pregnant or have an infant that is in the first two weeks of life

The Vision and Hearing Screening Program identifies preschool through high school children with suspect hearing and/or vision impairments through a screening process as established by the Illinois Department of Public Health. The program provides appropriate referral, follow-up, and education.

The School Nurse Program reduces the morbidity and mortality in children and adolescence who are injured or become ill at school by providing a wide range of nursing services to schools in Iroquois County, through contractual agreement.  These services include but are not limited to:

  • educational presentations
  • monitoring of appropriate immunizations
  • monitoring of required physical and dental exams and eye exams
  • providing nursing services during illness or injuries at school


Genetic screening for adult and infant clients identified by the Illinois Department of Human Services are completed to establishing parentage. At this time FIPHD does not provide paternity testing for private individuals. Genetic screening is provided by court order only.

Education for preschool children through the adult aged population emphasizes health concerns appropriate to the age of the audience.  Education increases the public's awareness and knowledge of various life skills topics.  Some of the topics that are included in the Life Skills Education Program are:

  • Puberty Program for Girls (4th - 6th grade level)

  • Puberty Program for Boys (5th - 6th grade level)

  • Nutrition

  • Handwashing

  • Health Department Services

  • STDs

  • Disease Detectives

  • Anatomy

  • Heart Health


Dental education is provided in Ford and Iroquois counties in an effort to reduce the incidence of dental caries and gum disease. A dental sealant program is also provided on site at schools throughout the jurisdiction for students meeting income guidelines.

HIV/AIDS Surveillance and Education decreases the incidence and spread of HIV/AIDS. Education and referral services are available for community members, to enhance community awareness and knowledge of signs and symptoms, treatment and resources that are available.

In the event of sudden and unexpected infant deaths, staff will respond to the family to offer support, referrals for services and professional counseling.

A comprehensive case management program monitors the health status of pregnant mothers and children. Clients enrolled in the program are assisted in receiving services necessary to insure a healthy start for their children.

Qualifications for the Family Case Management program are:

- must live in Ford or Iroquois county;
- must meet federal income guidelines.