4 the Health Of It - 2013

4 The Health of It” is a six-week program sponsored by FIPHD and WGFA Radio and encourages physical activity, healthy eating and healthy moments to celebrate wellness. The program is in it's third year of promoting self responsibility and helps people become more aware that physical activity, healthy moments, and healthy eating habits are behaviors, that when adopted, allow for a healthier status. Besides physical activity and nutritious eating, individuals are also rewarded for engaging in healthy moments that would include among others: dental check-ups, depression screenings, mammograms, pap tests/pelvic exams, blood work, annual eye exams, prostate exams, colon cancer screenings, diabetes screenings, preventative vaccinations, tobacco cessation activities, and annual physician well-visits. The program begins May 1, 2013 and ends June 15, 2013. There is no age limit and groups are most welcome.  Prizes for the top individuals and groups will serve as a competitive edge for motivation.  The main concept of the program is to GET UP AND MOVE - EAT RIGHT AND HAVE FUN!!!